Multiple Tiled Canvases

Looking for something a bit different? Need an image to cover a really big wall?

Don't just have a single canvas - split your image up into multiple tiled canvases!

Almost any image can be successfully transformed into any size and we now have 6 formats to choose from to create a really dramatic effect!

The whole picture is precisely split up into separate tiles with the image continuing around the sides of the frame, so that when all the tiles are hung together the edges match up perfectly.

The finished product is simply stunning!

4 Tile Split


9 Tile Split


(A116 Butterflies shown)

(M753 Maple Leaves shown)

3 Tile Horizontal Split


6 Tile Horizontal Split


(M497 Chocolate Sunset shown)

(A207 Mellow Yellow shown)

Hints & Tips

The examples shown above and opposite are all from our galleries, and these are the sort of images that work best as tiled canvases.

If you use your own photos, landscape and scenery shots will look fantastic but portrait and facial close-ups don't work well because invariably you will find that an eye or mouth has to be cut in half!!

Square images can be stretched and made into rectangular shapes which is what we can do with most of our gallery images but if uploading your own photo be careful what subject matter you choose.


Sizes & Prices

All square canvases are available in 2 sizes of canvas - 12" x 12" (300 x 300mm) or 18" x 18" (450 x 450mm).

The vertical canvases are 10" x 40" in either a 3 split suitable for square images or a 5 split for rectangular images.

Prices are shown on the Sizes & Prices page - just tick the relevant box when choosing your size and format.

Carriage charge is just £10 no matter how many canvases you order!

3 Tile Vertical Split


5 Tile Vertical Split

(A150 Digital Heat shown)
(A450 Wave shown)