Water Resistant Canvas!


CanvasRus are proud to be one of the very first companies to offer their innovative Water Resistant Canvas!

Now you can decorate your garden areas as well as the interiors of your homes and cover up those unsightly walls and fences!

Take the indoors outside and create a focal point in gardens and patio areas; trick the eye and add an extra dimension to your outdoors with a beach or enchanted forest or one of your own favourite images.

It can even be used for decorating bathrooms, kitchens and even indoor pool areas where it is usually so difficult to place artwork in the typically damp and humid environment.


David Domoney - ITV's Gardening Guru for This Morning, loves our water resistant canvases and here's an example of where he incorporated them into one of his 60 Minute Makeover garden designs.

Water resistant canvases are made from polyester canvas which is fully laminated and sealed, and then mounted onto water resistant frames and backing boards to avoid any twisting or warping. The canvas has been successfully tested in humidity of 0-99% and in temperatures from +50 °C to -20 °C so will happily withstand all types of wet/humid environments and weather conditions.

Choose an image from our galleries or use one of your own favourite photos.


Water resistant canvases are available in our normal sizes offered on the Prices/Sizes page and prices will be approximately 20% more than those shown. We are able to do much larger bespoke sizes, but P&P costs will be more than our usual £5.99 depending on the size.

As bespoke sizes are usually needed for this product, it has not been incorporated within our ordering process, so to order or for further information please email us on sales@canvasrus.co.uk or ring our office on 01732 454092.